Earn More Commissions with Professional Listing Photos!


So, did you know that the way you market a home can effect your income? Of course you did. But did you know that it could effect your future business?

So what do I mean? Well when you market a home prospective sellers are paying attention. These are sellers that may not be ready yet, but are in the research mode and they are watching your online presence.

Sellers are looking for Realtor’s that use the web and social media to market their home. They look at how you describe a home in the comments section of the MLS. They want to see their home on multiple sights that include LBAR.com, zillow.com and realtor.com as well as your business site.

They also expect to see their home on social media such as Facebook and Google+.

As a professional real estate photographer I meet a lot of sellers when their agent hires me to take photos. And I always ask them how did they find their agent. A lot tell me they were referred by a friend. Or they had worked with the agent in the past. Some tell me they noticed the agent they hired sold a home in their neighborhood quickly.

But I also have had sellers tell me they researched for Realtor’s that used professional photos for marketing their listings. They have told me that they would only interview those agents before making a decision. And they were quick to tell me they absolutely hated to see photos that were taken with a smart phone or a consumer point and shoot camera.   

I was a Realtor for 22 years and I got business from sellers that would contact me out of the blue and they would tell me the reason they wanted to hire me was they noticed how I marketed my listings. And on the average this happened 3 – 4 times a year which increased my commissions earned.

View some of my past works. Then contact me today to start earning more commissions and to get your next listing professionally photographed.