Hand turning the word Unprepared into Prepared with red marker isolated on white.


Preparing For Real Estate Photos

Selling your property is all about presentation and buyer perception, When pictures say a thousand words you want them all to speak positively.

Before the photographer arrives to shoot photos for the marketing of your home there are several things you should do to prepare. Prospective buyers that view your home online will be turned off by cluttered or messy homes which may deter them from visiting in person. Less showings mean longer time to sell.

Please do not expect the photographer to do any of the below tips since he or she has limited time and they also do not want to be responsible for any accidental damages.

  • On the outside pickup toys, thrash and limbs. Remove water hoses. Be sure to rake or blow leaves or if it is winter please shovel all sidewalks, patios, decks and the driveway. And hide all garbage containers in the garage.
  • Straighten patio furniture and open patio umbrellas.
  • Remove all vehicles, RV’s, trailers, etc from driveways and/or yard.
  • Thoroughly clean the interior of the home. It should be ready for a buyer prospect to come in to view your home.
  • Hide all interior thrash cans in closets or garage.
  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs. If possible make sure all the bulbs are the same temperature. (ALL incandescent, LED or compact fluorescent)
  • Open all window coverings. If blinds leave lowered but tilted open. If you have a view that is a selling feature raise the blinds for a clear view.
  • Turn off ceiling fans TV’s and computer screens.
  • Hide electrical cords if possible. Put away device charger cords.
  • Thoroughly clean bathroom mirrors and make sure they are streak free. Streaks will be visible in the photos.
  • Remove pets or keep them contained and hide their cages, beds, toys and dishes.
  • Exercise equipment should be removed unless they are in a room / area purposed for their use. If this is possible an alternative is to have someone present that move equipment such treadmills around so that t does not appear in the photos.

These are only suggestions. If you do not do some or all of these the photographer will still take the photos. But be sure to contain pets for the photographer’s safety.

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